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Original Espresso Blends

Energize your menu with a signature espresso blend from Supremo Coffee. When it comes to roasting, we know a thing or two about flavors--that's why we've created both classic and distinctive espresso blends guaranteed to satisfy. Best of all, each of the options below is available as a standard or decaf espresso.

Latin Blend

Cafe Supremo, our classic Latin blend, shares many qualities with the market's leading espresso blends. Our distinctive Colombian and Brazilian beans give it a distinctive aroma and flavor.

Italian Roast

Supremo Espresso features specialty African and Central American coffee beans for a full, robust flavor.

Flavored Espressos - Miami, FL

Supremo Espresso

Supremo Espresso, our house blend, is a tantalizing mélange of Central American and Asian gourmet coffee beans.

Flavored Espresso

Spice things up with whole bean and ground Flavored Espressos. Many different options are available, including:

• French Vanilla
• Pumpkin Spice
• Spice Butter Rum
• Hazelnut Cream Flavor
• Cinnamon Hazelnut

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